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Wire. Tube. Wire in a tube – a basic building block of the contemporary world.

Modern society is based on wires. Internet, mobile phones, bank networks and last but not least electricity are the things that we cannot imagine our lives without. They are so inscribed in our subconscious that we take them as much for granted as parts of own body.

With the Installation I am exposing the connections that are normally hidden inside the walls of our apartments and are lately becoming more and more invisible (wireless). We have completely accepted electrical wiring, in last decade we have been becoming completely addicted to mobile phones and we depend more and more on our social connections. Even though mobile phones have brought us a lot of new possibilities and made planning and execution of numerous events much easier, they have also taken a lot from us. Freedom which was fought for by older generations almost doesn’t exist anymore in its absolute and purest form. It is completely normal that our loved ones know where we are and we are available for them at every moment of our lives (and at the same time we accept the possibility to be tracked by the big brother). The other side of the same coin is the loss of free time. Because of the new possibilities the pace of our lives is much faster and we are always available for our contacts and business partners. Ignoring these global changes and new conditions would mean deviance and consequently our exclusion from society.

Recently the same has been happening with internet social networks. Younger generations cannot imagine their lives without them. Possibilities and the number of connections that they are bringing are wonderful, but they are limiting our privacy. It is completely normal to know what is going on with your acquaintance from another part of the world and of course vice versa. A socially acceptable level of personal privacy is obviously being decreased. Another aspect is the quality of these connections. In the real world (or better put, in the non-digital world), we have a lot of friends on whom we can rely, but in the digital world these friendships are often much more virtual.

With my installation I symbolically present the nature of these virtual connections. The building functioned completely normally without them and now here is a new condition. The installation will slowly change over time and disappear in the end (probably become invisible).